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RFC Description Author(s) Status Obsoleted by Updated by
8201 Path MTU Discovery for IP version 6 J. McCann, S. Deering, J. Mogul, R. Hinden, Ed. Internet standard
8202 IS-IS Multi-Instance L. Ginsberg, S. Previdi, W. Henderickx Proposed standard
8203 BGP Administrative Shutdown Communication J. Snijders, J. Heitz, J. Scudder Proposed standard
8212 Default External BGP (EBGP) Route Propagation Behavior without Policies J. Mauch, J. Snijders, G. Hankins Proposed standard
8213 Security of Messages Exchanged between Servers and Relay Agents B. Volz, Y. Pal Proposed standard
8217 Clarifications for When to Use the name-addr Production in SIP Messages R. Sparks Proposed standard
8219 Benchmarking Methodology for IPv6 Transition Technologies M. Georgescu, L. Pislaru, G. Lencse Informational
8229 TCP Encapsulation of IKE and IPsec Packets T. Pauly, S. Touati, R. Mantha Proposed standard