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RFC Description Author(s) Status Obsoleted by Updated by
8201 Path MTU Discovery for IP version 6 J. McCann, S. Deering, J. Mogul, R. Hinden, Ed. Internet standard
8202 IS-IS Multi-Instance L. Ginsberg, S. Previdi, W. Henderickx Proposed standard
8203 BGP Administrative Shutdown Communication J. Snijders, J. Heitz, J. Scudder Proposed standard
8204 Benchmarking Virtual Switches in the Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) M. Tahhan, B. O'Mahony, A. Morton Informational
8205 BGPsec Protocol Specification M. Lepinski, Ed., K. Sriram, Ed. Proposed standard RFC 8206
8206 BGPsec Considerations for Autonomous System (AS) Migration W. George, S. Murphy Proposed standard
8207 BGPsec Operational Considerations R. Bush Best current practice
8208 BGPsec Algorithms, Key Formats, and Signature Formats S. Turner, O. Borchert Proposed standard
8209 A Profile for BGPsec Router Certificates, Certificate Revocation Lists, and Certification Requests M. Reynolds, S. Turner, S. Kent Proposed standard
8210 The Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) to Router Protocol, Version 1 R. Bush, R. Austein Proposed standard
8211 Adverse Actions by a Certification Authority (CA) or Repository Manager in the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) S. Kent, D. Ma Informational
8212 Default External BGP (EBGP) Route Propagation Behavior without Policies J. Mauch, J. Snijders, G. Hankins Proposed standard
8213 Security of Messages Exchanged between Servers and Relay Agents B. Volz, Y. Pal Proposed standard
8214 Virtual Private Wire Service Support in Ethernet VPN S. Boutros, A. Sajassi, S. Salam, J. Drake, J. Rabadan Proposed standard
8215 Local-Use IPv4/IPv6 Translation Prefix T. Anderson Proposed standard
8216 HTTP Live Streaming R. Pantos, Ed., W. May Informational
8217 Clarifications for When to Use the name-addr Production in SIP Messages R. Sparks Proposed standard
8218 Multipath Extension for the Optimized Link State Routing Protocol Version 2 (OLSRv2) J. Yi, B. Parrein Experimental
8219 Benchmarking Methodology for IPv6 Transition Technologies M. Georgescu, L. Pislaru, G. Lencse Informational
8220 Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) over Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) O. Dornon, J. Kotalwar, V. Hemige, R. Qiu, Z. Zhang Informational
8222 Selecting Labels for Use with Conventional DNS and Other Resolution Systems in DNS-Based Service Discovery A. Sullivan Informational
8223 Application-Aware Targeted LDP S. Esale, R. Torvi, L. Jalil, U. Chunduri, K. Raza Proposed standard
8227 MPLS-TP Shared-Ring Protection (MSRP) Mechanism for Ring Topology W. Cheng, L. Wang, H. Li, H. van Helvoort, J. Dong Proposed standard
8228 Guidance on Designing Label Generation Rulesets (LGRs) Supporting Variant Labels A. Freytag Informational
8229 TCP Encapsulation of IKE and IPsec Packets T. Pauly, S. Touati, R. Mantha Proposed standard
8230 Using RSA Algorithms with CBOR Object Signing and Encryption (COSE) Messages M. Jones Proposed standard
8231 Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) Extensions for Stateful PCE E. Crabbe, I. Minei, J. Medved, R. Varga Proposed standard
8232 Optimizations of Label Switched Path State Synchronization Procedures for a Stateful PCE E. Crabbe, I. Minei, J. Medved, R. Varga, X. Zhang, D. Dhody Proposed standard
8233 Extensions to the Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) to Compute Service-Aware Label Switched Paths (LSPs) D. Dhody, Q. Wu, V. Manral, Z. Ali, K. Kumaki Proposed standard
8234 Updates to MPLS Transport Profile (MPLS-TP) Linear Protection in Automatic Protection Switching (APS) Mode J. Ryoo, T. Cheung, H. van Helvoort, I. Busi, G. Wen Proposed standard
8235 Schnorr Non-interactive Zero-Knowledge Proof F. Hao, Ed. Informational
8236 J-PAKE: Password-Authenticated Key Exchange by Juggling F. Hao, Ed. Informational
8238 Data Center Benchmarking Terminology L. Avramov, J. Rapp Informational
8239 Data Center Benchmarking Methodology L. Avramov, J. Rapp Informational
8240 Report from the Internet of Things Software Update (IoTSU) Workshop 2016 H. Tschofenig, S. Farrell Informational
8241 Interface to the Routing System (I2RS) Security-Related Requirements S. Hares, D. Migault, J. Halpern Informational
8242 Interface to the Routing System (I2RS) Ephemeral State Requirements J. Haas, S. Hares Informational
8243 Alternatives for Multilevel Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL) R. Perlman, D. Eastlake 3rd, M. Zhang, A. Ghanwani, H. Zhai Informational
8246 HTTP Immutable Responses P. McManus Proposed standard
8247 Algorithm Implementation Requirements and Usage Guidance for the Internet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2) Y. Nir, T. Kivinen, P. Wouters, D. Migault Proposed standard
8248 Security Automation and Continuous Monitoring (SACM) Requirements N. Cam-Winget, L. Lorenzin Informational
8249 Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links (TRILL): MTU Negotiation M. Zhang, X. Zhang, D. Eastlake 3rd, R. Perlman, S. Chatterjee Proposed standard
8250 IPv6 Performance and Diagnostic Metrics (PDM) Destination Option N. Elkins, R. Hamilton, M. Ackermann Proposed standard
8252 OAuth 2.0 for Native Apps W. Denniss, J. Bradley Best current practice
8255 Multiple Language Content Type N. Tomkinson, N. Borenstein Proposed standard
8264 PRECIS Framework: Preparation, Enforcement, and Comparison of Internationalized Strings in Application Protocols P. Saint-Andre, M. Blanchet Proposed standard
8265 Preparation, Enforcement, and Comparison of Internationalized Strings Representing Usernames and Passwords P. Saint-Andre, A. Melnikov Proposed standard
8266 Preparation, Enforcement, and Comparison of Internationalized Strings Representing Nicknames P. Saint-Andre Proposed standard